Get to it - Make your fruit mince now

Q.Do you know what we do in September at the Piper St Food Co ?

A. We make all the fruit mince for our fruit mince tarts

I know it seems really early but it is actually the perfect time. It's very easy and quite relaxing and you just feel so organised - and the festive aromas will bring a smile to yourself

It's also easy to find the ingredients at this time of year - because really - no one else is thinking this far ahead

This is the recipe we use here at Piper St Food Co - we 

You can find the full recipe HERE 

We will show you how to make the pastry and tarts in early December

In the meantime you can watch this little video of how Damian makes it 

And if you do make some - we suggest making a bigger batch so you can give some as gifts.