Eccles Cakes

It's always surprising how such a simple recipe can taste so delicious

Eccles cakes date back to 17th century England from the town of Eccles. They are simply a flaky butter pastry filled with currants seasoned with a little spice and zest

There are variations of this type of pastry from Oxfordshire - the Banbury - which is the same but rolled into an oval shape, and the Chorley cake which is made with a short crust pastry and rolled a bit flatter 

This is a great recipe to make with any left over pastry - in fact that's probably where these recipes originated. Off cuts of pastry, a sprinkle of dried fruit and sugar - and they're ready in minutes.

They are lovely served with a cup of tea - or as some folk in Lancashire like to eat them - with a good piece of mature cheese.

You can download a copy of our recipe HERE