July Recipe - Quiche Lorriane

As you know we normally run weekly cooking classes here at Piper St Food Co. Much of what we teach is very classic, old school cookery. We make things by hand with beautiful ingredients and simple, traditional recipes. One such classic that you may like to try is Quiche Lorraine.

This quiche is delicious - comforting, full of flavour and perfect any time of the day. We make fresh quiches every day - and we get asked a lot about what makes Damian's so mouth-wateringly tasty. And the answer is much the same for any delectable dish - it's the sum of simple steps done well. (For an alternative answer read on)

A hand made buttery pastry is always going to taste better than anything from the shops. Why not make a double batch and keep some in the freezer so the next time you crave a quiche - you're already half way there.

We have a pdf of the recipe HERE or you can watch a very amateur but informative video 

 Now that you have the recipe, and easy to follow instructions - there's no excuse for you not to start creating your own wonderful quiches. If you do try this recipe please take pictures and share on Instagram or Facebook 

My brother's think the secret to Damian's delicious food is down to 2 things ...... salt and fat ....and you know what ... they might just be right