Everything you need for your Piper St Food Co Christmas

This is a little collection of all the tips and tricks you'll need to enjoy your Piper St Food Co Christmas products

The Great Christmas Pie 

If you receive your Great Christmas Pie on the 17th December you will want to follow these simple instructions and watch this short instructional video

1. If you're wanting to eat your pie at Christmas time - place your cryovaced pie straight in the freezer The aspic jelly can just go in your fridge

2. 48 hours before serving place on a tray in refrigerator 

3. Once fully defrosted (Up to an hour or so before serving) warm the aspic until liquid, place in a small jug and pour liquid aspic into the hole in top of the pie

4. Refrigerate the pie until aspic is set The aspic may settle and you may need to top up until the jelly is sitting nicely at the top of the pie

5. To serve remove from refrigerator and slice with a serated bread knife or an electric knife It doesn't really need any accompaniments but perhaps some pickled onions, cornichons, red currants and cos lettuce would look pretty 


All Serving Instructions You can find a pdf with all other serving instructions HERE

And finally HERE is the recipe for the Beetroot, Asparagus & Orange Salad we made in the Facebook Live Christmas Product Launch ( which you can still watch on Facebook)

A list of ingredients can also be found on our website HERE 

Thank you all for ordering with us - we have never boned so many ducks or made so many beautiful pies - it really is remarkable. We have dreamt about queues forming for Pork Pies on Christmas Eve and I think 2021 will be the year that we see that happen Thank you for letting us be part of your shared feasts this festive season

Wishing you all a wonderful and peaceful and filling Christmas 

x Damian & Bryanna - all of our hardworking staff ( and yes that includes the kids )