Welcome to Christmas 2020

Welcome to Christmas 2020

Certainly not the year or the Christmas we were planning. But after such a tumultuous year we are predicting Christmas will be quite a special time for so many of you.

Our Christmas Product Launch couldn't go ahead in it's usual format So we have tried to get as much information as possible on our website. This includes product information, frequently asked questions, online orders - and even a welcome video. It's not the same as having you all here but hopefully it feels a bit familiar - and we may even reach some of you who are further away or have been unable to make it in the past

There will be more videos coming too. We have our beautiful Roasted Carrot, Lentil & Hazelnut Salad recipe coming plus lots of little videos sharing some serving suggestions for all the products included in our 'Christmas in a Box'

So.. how is Christmas 2020 going to work? Well this year for the first time EVER we are completely on-line. We are also going to be able to deliver to many of you. There's lots more information about orders and deliveries HERE

If you have any questions about any of our Christmas Products, deliveries or local pick ups -please feel free to call or send me an email. And if you make a mistake with your online ordering or want to add or change anything - please just call or email - I can easily fix or amend anything from this end

We love being part of your shared feasts - and although some things have changed this year, it's lovely to hold on to some traditions and celebrate with quality and familiar festive fare.

We've written a handy guide to help you prepare for Christmas - and we look forward to sharing more tips and videos with you over the next few weeks. But most of all we are really looking forward to many of our metro based friends, family and customers to be able to visit again. 

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for what we do here. Looking forward to planning and being part of your celebrations again