Christmas FAQs

When do orders open & close?

Orders will be open Thursday 5th November and close Thursday 10th December

Can you deliver ?

Yes if your postcode is on the list then we will be able to deliver You can view the postcode list HERE

Once you have placed an order we will contact you to let you know your delivery date. It will be delivered Friday 18th, Monday 21st or Tuesday 22nd. You cannot choose your delivery date it will be allocated according to your postcode

What products can I have delivered?

You will be able to order from our full Christmas range However due to the different delivery dates and our kitchen production schedule we will not be able to deliver any savoury pies or quiches. This includes pork pies and The Great Christmas Pie - these will only be available for in-store pick up in Kyneton.

So no pork pies for delivery at Christmas?

That's right we have chosen products that will keep well and be at their best for your Christmas get-togethers. Our savoury pies and quiches just won't keep to their best if they were delivered on 18th December but not served until Christmas. They'd be ok - but not the product we like to serve

What about mince tarts?

YES our famous mince tarts will be available for both local pick-up and delivery

If we are picking up an order from your store in Kyneton how do we order?

This year ALL orders will be made online. If you're a local or happy to travel you can choose the 'LOCAL PICK UP' collection 

Are you doing hams this year?

Yes We are very proud to be partnering with Salt Kitchen Charcuterie again this year and we have ordered a limited number of hams. These will only be available for local pick up We cannot include hams in our delivered orders.

Is there a minimum order amount and delivery fee?

Yes Minimum orders are set at $60 Regardless of what you order this is the minimum that you can place. Delivery fees are $19 per order Free delivery is offered on orders over $150

What do I do if I muck up my online order?

Firstly - don't panic It happens all the time. Secondly it's really easy to fix Just call me (03 54223553) and I can go behind the scenes and make amendments and make it all perfect - just like that.

What will your trading hours be?

We will have our little shop brimming with the finest local produce, great gifts and delicious food for sharing and we would love to see you We will even be open on 10 - 2 Sunday 20th December and 10-5 Monday 21st  Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23nd and 10-1 Thursday 24th December