Simple Vinaigrette

We thought we'd start the year with a really simple recipe that will help your salad repertoire endlessly

Our vinaigrette - although simple & classic is very very popular. Our customers find they are much more likely to grill some veggies or toss a quick salad together if they have some dressing already at hand

So why not watch our little (amatuer) video and make a double or triple batch and keep in the fridge - a vinaigrette is a 'temporary emulsion' so it may need a little shake before you use it

You can download the recipe HERE


And here's just a few little variations you can play with

Remove mustard and add finely chopped shallots - you could also change vinegar to red wine vinegar

Use a seeded mustard for a more robust dressing - this would be great with a grain salad with roasted beetroot & parsnips 

Add tarragon to serve with freshly grilled asparagus and boiled eggs

The options are endless - but you can see from this video just how quick and simple it is to make with ingredients most of you will have at hand. Let us know if you make some and how it goes.