Sauce Gribiche

Sauce Gribiche is the perfect Spring condiment. It relies on the finest, freshest herbs - Mint, Dill, Tarragon, Parsley - so it's best made in early to late Spring - when herbs are abundant and young. The fresh herbs combined with cornichons, capers, mustard and vinegar plus boiled eggs - creates a sauce that can be used in so many delicious ways.

The ancient Gauls are attributed to being the creators of this fine condiment and they were fond of pairing it with pressed tongue - but if pressed tongue isn't on your menu you can serve it with terrine or cold cuts. Its wonderful with both chicken and smoked fish - and makes a beautiful dressing for potato salad. One of our favourite ways to eat it is served with a platter of new season asparagus.

It's a perfect sauce to take on picnics, spread on sandwiches, dollop on salads, veggies or seafood. It's vibrant, fresh and makes everything taste better

Our version is a blended, refined, smooth sauce - but the original Sauce Gribiche would have been hand cut and quite rustic - our recipe offers both versions so have a try and see which one you prefer

We know how much you all look forward to the season when we make Sauce Gribiche - we kick off around Melbourne Cup Week (early November) through to Christmas - and then it just depends on the quality and supply of herbs.  We hope you enjoy adding this wonderful, versatile sauce to your repertoire.

Printable version of recipe HERE

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PS Customers often ask if Sauce Gribiche can be used like pesto on a pasta dish And the answer is not really The nature of these fine herbs isn't really tough enough to withstand the heat - plus the heat changes the wonderful flavours of the sauce. If you're using it on potato salad let your potatoes steam , then sprinkle with white wine vinegar and EV olive oil - then leave to cool Once potatoes are at room temperature then toss through Sauce Gribiche