Blood Plum Crostata

The first signs of Autumn are here - cooler evenings, acorns dropping, the scent of ripe apples everywhere - and generous neighbours with offerings of zucchini, tomatoes, flowers and baskets full of plums

If I had more time ( and our kitchen reno was finished) I'd love to be making plum sauce - but because time is precious at the moment and my resources limited - this recipe for a simple free form fruit tart is the perfect way to use up abundant seasonal fruit.

The pastry is brilliant - short, with a hint of sweetness, but not too much - you could use it for any number of fruit crostata. And the recipe doesn't require any special ingredients, equipment or skill - it is simple cooking at its finest.

You can download the recipe here

And watch the video in all its amateur splendor

And if you can - why not double the recipe and share with the neighbour who gave you the plums in the first place