Tips for the Perfect Picnic

Picnics mean different things to different people. In Victorian times they were elaborate affairs that included packing silverware and enough food to feed an army. But a picnic can be as simple as an apple under a shady tree. However you like to picnic - they are a wonderful way to eat. They’re relaxed, informal and it really is more about the setting and company than what’s on the menu.
Follow these simple tips and create some wonderful picnic memories.

Where you choose to set up will really set the tone for the picnic. It might be in your back yard or public gardens or down by the beach – just make sure it suits you. You may want shade, or room to throw a Frisbee. You may want it to be pet friendly or you may want somewhere quiet and peaceful.
Think about who else is going to be picknicking and their needs too.

Some food is just made for picnics – we love pork pies and apples, simply  because they’re sturdy, pack well and don’t need cutlery.
Avoid creamy food – dairy doesn’t travel well or keep for long outside. Salads are a bit fiddly to eat and don’t keep well either.

It’s not everyone’s idea of fun to sit on uneven ground for long periods of time. Small stackable or foldable stools are great, or you can pile up old quilts, doona covers, cushions and pillows and really settle in.
Think about where your food and drinks are going to be served from. Wooden boards, upturned crates or the lid off your Esky give you a little bit of stability. Having food and drink slightly elevated can help avoid any messy spills or ants crawling into everything.

You can never have too much water on a picnic. Freeze a few extra water bottles and use them to keep your food cool – then as they melt, you’ll have plenty for drinking, rinsing & washing.

If you pack these handy little extras – you are going to look so organised, and all of your picnics will be perfect.
 Paper towel / tea towel
 Boxes/Bags for rubbish
 Bottle opener
 Good sharp knife
 Sun block & Insect Repellant
 Fun things – Frisbee, books, cards, cricket set, music, bubbles, kites