Pickling & Preserving October

Saturday 12 October  11am - 2pm

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A 3 hour hands-on cooking class. This class is seasonally focused and covers a range of techniques including quick pickles, sauces, relishes and sweet bottling. Plus tips on hygeine and canning/bottling at home.

We think life with pickles is just that bit more fun. You can make a feast from the most humble ingredients just by adding a decent pickle or relish. Learning how to pickle & preserve is not only very cool at the moment, but it will reduce your food waste, help preserve anything you grow - or get given - and homemade jars of pickles and preserves make the most thoughtful gifts.

Class will include tastings, recipes, a quick lunch and take home products.

Recipes include tomato sauce, beetroot relish, quick pickle and seasonal fruit conserves. 

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